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Gel Remover + Multi Cleanse

Gel Remover + Multi Cleanse


For optimum Bio Sculpture gel manicure results choose the Bio Sculpture Gel Remover and Bio Sculpture Multi Cleanse Bundle.

Use Bio Sculpture from foundation to finish to guarantee optimum nail health and the very best results.

Bio Sculpture Gel Remover is the gentle, safe and fast way to remove gel from nails.

Formulated with added vitamins as well as moisturising and conditioning agents that protect natural nails and surrounding skin.

Watch our video on Acetone vs Bio Sculpture Gel Remover

Bio Sculpture Multi Cleanse is used to clean and prep the nail plate ready for the application of Bio Sculpture or Evo Gel.  

It is mild, gentle yet highly effective without dehydrating the natural nail. This new formulation evaporates quickly for the fast removal of the sticky layer of gel or polish including cuticle remover, filing dust, superficial oil and water.

Use between layers during gel treatments and before the top coat.

* The main difference between Dual Cleanse and Multi Cleanse is that Multi Cleanse is kinder to the skin and nails, making it perfect for any sensitive clients.

Available in 2 volumes:

1 Litre: Save £6 when purchasing the bundle (includes x1 Gel Remover, x1 Multi Cleanse). Usual Price £26 when purchased separately.

125ml: Save £1.80 when purchasing the bundle (includes x2 Gel Remover, x2 Multi Cleanse). Usual Price £10.80 when purchased separately.

For more information on the benefits of Gel Remover vs Acetone click here.

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