This Autumn’s most in-demand wedding nail colours

Once upon a time, the most popular day for weddings would fall within the summer months, as couples looked to get the nicest weather possible for their magical day. However, according to, the most in-demand dates of 2019 have been in October and September.

As the busiest wedding season comes creeping closer, it’s important that you’re prepared with a selection of colours perfect for an autumn celebration. To help, we’ve selected some of our favourite nail colours perfect for a season filled with romance.

Keep it simple with a timeless nude manicure

From saying yes to the dress to picking the perfect bouquet, every part of the wedding has been chosen to make your client look perfect. The manicure is just as important and choosing a subtle nude shade can be the perfect finishing touch to any wedding look.

The nude manicure is a timeless look that turns your clients’ nails into a beautiful accessory. Making hands appear elongated and slender, they provide a smooth, translucent and a light shine which will look amazing on the photos without drawing attention away from the bride’s dress.

Matching the colour to your client’s skin tone can add a nice finishing touch, but it’s not essential. The Bio Sculpture collection of neutral shades include gorgeous warm nudes such as No.218 – Shimmering Joy, No.210 Spun Out of Dreams and No.246 – Island Surf. All these colours are perfect for adding a bit of soft, subtle colour to a beautiful bride’s outfit.

No.218 - Shimmering JoyNo.210 - Spun Out of DreamsNo.246 - Island Surf

However, if your clients are looking for a cooler nude, then we recommend shades like No.184 – Classic Jacquard or No.2093 – Ivory Beige. The latter can be complemented and enhanced by combining it with No.220 – Shine Like a Disco Ball to create an accent nail that really helps to accentuate the wedding ring’s sparkle.   

No.184 - Classic JacquardNo.2093 - Ivory BeigeNo.220 - Shine Like A Disco Ball

Follow tradition and give the bride something blue

The old English rhyme goes “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. So, help bring your client good luck on her wedding day with a gorgeous blue manicure.

A lovely light pastel blue will look fresh and be perfectly complemented by any bride’s white gown, and we recommend No.2029 – Hazy View. The soft shades of blue are always in fashion, so they won’t look dated in any pictures, which is important on a day where professional photos will be treasured for a lifetime.

No.2029 - Hazy ViewNo. 2029 - Hazy View Manicure

Celebrate true love with a bold red manicure

If red is the colour of passion and love, then it definitely wouldn’t be out of place at any of your clients’ weddings. Sure, a powder-pink may seem more traditional, but there’s nothing wrong with swapping the blush for a bit of burgundy.

A bold red will make any set of nails really stand out, but making sure your client has the right colour is so important. Darker reds can often look black in certain lights, so making sure your client picks a colour that will look amazing on camera is important.

At RE:NEW, we suggest using one of our most popular red colours No.19 – Pillar Box Red, the bright red will really stand out against the white wedding dress to create a stunning look.

No.19 - Pillar Box Red

If your clients are looking for something a bit different, then you can always recommend No.22 – Ravishing Red, which puts a pearlescent twist on delightful cherry red. If you’re looking to create nails that sparkle alongside the wedding ring, then No.167 – Seductive Lights adds glistening red glitter to a bright red base.

No.22 - Ravishing RedNo.167 - Seductive Lights

Regardless of which shade is chosen, a classic red always looks good against a white dress, so a wedding is the perfect place for a manicure that represents true love.

Blend together a classic look with French Ombre

Also known as the French Fade, this look places a modern twist on the classic French manicure to create a simple and chic look.

While the traditional version features a light pink base and defined, contrasting tips, the French Ombre blends the colours together to create a seamless, gorgeous gradient.

French Ombre manicure

Blending subtlety with extravagance, these nails will complete any wedding look, whether they’re held up against a beautiful wedding dress or adding even more sparkle to the new ring.

Our team have got together to create a French Ombre guide, so you can provide your clients with a modern look that is already on its way to becoming timeless.   

  1. Prepare the nail as you normally would and apply the base gel before curing
  2. Apply 2 layers of 68 French Rose, curing after each layer
  3. Apply soft gel and cure the nail before wiping away any excess
  4. Using the puffer, dab a thin layer of white high pigment halfway up the nail bed and cure
  5. A bit further down, apply a second layer of white high pigment with the puffer and cure
  6. With a brush, apply the white high pigment to the nail’s tip and cure before sealing the nail art with soft gel and curing.
  7. To complete the French Ombre, top it off with an Evo or Bio sculpture gloss topcoat.

French Ombre Step 1 - Base GelFrench Ombre Step 2 layer of No.68French Ombre Step 3 White high pigment with pufferFrench ombre Step 4 2nd layer of white high pigmentFrench Ombre Step 5 Fill in with brush



With autumnal dates filling wedding calendars, knowing which colours are in demand is essential. So, whether they want a subtle and traditional set of nails or something a bit bolder, then the Bio Sculpture collection of gel nails has everything you need to prepare them for their big day.

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