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The story behind Evo Naming Competition Winner Emma Eyles


Back in March this year we launched the Evo Naming Competition, open internationally to celebrate the outstanding work of our Bio & Evo Nail Technicians, giving the winners the opportunity to have the name of their choice on a new Evo bottle.
We were delighted that Emma Eyles @evenailsandlashes representing Bio Sculpture GB was one of the twelve winners selected. 


Below is Emma's winning entry



We caught up with Emma to get her story behind her name choice 'Asenath' as well as her journey with Bio Sculpture, and her tips on creating expert, beautiful manicures.



What made you choose the name for the Evo Bottle Competition?

I chose the name Asenath after my late grandmother, Patricia Asenath (pictured below). Growing up she always asked us to carry on her middle name - Asenath as it was so unique. Sadly in August 2016 she passed away but in December 2017 my sister had a little girl and named her Isla Asenath. 



So when the naming competition was released I didn’t even hesitate and chose Asenath to show off her name to the world! She was an awesome passionate woman who always wanted me to be happy and fulfil my dreams, so I love that her name is connected to something I am so passionate about and love. 
I know she’d be so proud that I chose her name and can’t wait to display a bottle of it on my wall.
Her birth stone is also amethyst so it was meant to be! 


Emma with her niece Isla Asenath



Why did you decide to start a career in nails? 
I started doing nails alongside my full time job in 2008 as I loved doing my own nails and wanted a hobby that I enjoyed.


 What made you choose Bio Sculpture?

I initially trained with another company as the Bio Sculpture training dates didn’t work for me but it was such an inferior product and didn’t last and I threw it all away and trained with Bio Sculpture which was the best move. I was so happy to use a product that is healthy for nails that doesn’t cause damage and lasts so well. It was great to finally have the reassurance I was sending clients away knowing their nails would last. 



Why does a career as a manicurist suit you more than your previous career?

I have always done nails along side my main job as it is so flexible which is amazing! I love chatting and meeting people too and it allows me to be creative which I don’t get in my main job.



What is your favourite Bio Sculpture colour?

It’s so hard to chose my favourite Bio Sculpture colour but I think Lilac Lullaby and for Evo I love Cherie! I have about 80 Bio colours so hard to chose! 



How many hours a week do you work -  Do you work part time to fit around anything else?

As I said I do nails along side my main job as a police officer, I am part time doing both as I have a 2 1/2 year old boy, Deacon, so I’m always keeping busy! 
I love all of my jobs and nails is great as it’s flexible around my other roles! The number of hours I work varies from 5-15 hours a week, I would love to do more but there’s not enough hours in the day! 



  How do you find your clients?

All my clients are through word of mouth and Instagram. As I am part time I can’t do advertising as I don’t have the time to fit them all in unfortunately! 



What are your top three tips for someone wanting to make a career change and become a manicurist?

My top 3 tips for someone wanting to be a manicurist would be to go with Bio Sculpture as the product is the most important thing! Next would be practise makes perfect- it’s all about the prep work! And then take good photos and get a good light to market your nails! 



What is your favourite nail art trend at the moment?

My favourite nail trend at the moment is abstract brush strokes- it’s so simple and effective and you can mix so many colours, glitter and foils! 
To book an appointment with Emma visit her Facebook page @EveNailsAndLashes and Instagram page @evenailsandlashes 

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