Sculpted Nails - Step By Step

Want luscious long gel nails? Follow our 9 steps below on how to extend, sculpt and have beautifully long Bio Sculpture Gel nails before you know it!

Step 1: Prepare cuticles and nails, slightly round off any corners on the nail as this will make it easier to fit the nail form


 Step 2: Fit the form to the inner C-Curve, ensuring the form is tightly secured to the finger and it fits flush with the natural nail 




Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Base Gel to the natural nail and slightly on the form. Create a thin wedge of base gel around the free edge, then cure.



Step 4: Using a No.6 Flat Application brush create the free edge using Free Edge Gel (be sure to stir this gel well before application)



Continue to build the free edge 



Step 5: Cure the gel immediately after creating the free edge to avoid the gel running



Step 6: Apply Medium Gel to the whole nail, building slightly over the stress area (where the natural nail and sculpture meet) to give the sculpture strength, then cure for 30 seconds



Step 7: Remove nail form once the sculpture has been created



Step 8: Use a Versafile to create the required shape



Step 9: Make sure each sculpture is the same shape and length, use Sanitiser to cleanse and remove dust from the nails



Add colour to your Sculpture with 2 layers of Bio Sculpture colour Gel. We used No. 138 - Melting Mecury and Evo Gloss Top Coat. Ensure you cure for 30 seconds between each layer



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