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Ultra Curing Lamp

Ultra Curing Lamp


Introducing our brand-new professional Ultra Curing Lamp. Specifically designed for safety to ensure the healthiest Bio Sculpture or Evo Gel manicure.

  • Unique coating making it easier to clean
  • 10, 30, 60 and 90 second options
  • Ergonomic, compact design sits neatly on your desk
  • Optimised diode placement and a mirrored internal finish ensures even curing on all 5 fingers*
  • 1 year warranty
  • Lightweight with a removal pedicure base
  • Cures all types of gel
  • Output power 30W
  • Cable length 1.9m
  • Ramp curing technology to reduce heat spikes

* Can I cure all 5 fingers at once using the Ultra lamp? Find out more here

Our brand new Ultra Lamp cures all Bio Sculpture and Evo Gels. It will also cure gels that were traditionally cured in UV lamps

The new Ultra Lamp is 30 Watts not 36 Watts. Does that mean it is less powerful?
No, it means it is a more efficient lamp which needs less energy to produce even more power. Wahoo - cheaper energy bills - more power and better diode placement ensure a thorough through cure for all Bio Sculpture and Evo Gels

Can you use an extension lead with the Ultra Lamp? Yes, but you should use the shortest extension necessary

Includes curing lamp and cable 

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