A look back at our favourite summer festival nails

From Glastonbury to Notting Hill Carnival, there was no shortage of reasons to get glammed up in the sunshine this summer. And whether your clients spent it camped in a field or partying through the streets of London, a creative manicure was undoubtedly the finishing touch to their festival look.

So, as we cling onto what remains of summer and reminisce about longer days and warmer nights, we’ve collected some of our favourite creative manicures from the last few months. Complete with how-to guides, we’ll teach you how to recreate these gorgeous looks, so you’re prepared and inspired to give your clients truly fabulous nails next summer.

Make it a summer of colour with a Rainbow Ombre manicure

 Deciding on just one colour for a festival isn’t easy for your clients. They’ll be planning their look and need a manicure that will continue to work as an accessory to any outfit. Fortunately, this rainbow look provides a twist on the timeless French Ombre to create a colourful manicure that complements any festival outfit.


Creating a two-tone look across each nail, the rainbow ombre manicure creates a unique blended style. To help you recreate this, our experts have put a guide together and selected gorgeous Bio Sculpture colours guaranteed to make your clients’ nails glow in the summer sun.

  1. Start with a layer of base gel and cure under a UV lamp
  2. Grab these 5 colours: 223 – Aqua Clouds, No.224 – Wild Orchid, No.156 – Brigitte, No.157 – Elizabeth and No.208 – Turn Up The Volume
  3. Apply 2 layers of a single colour to an individual nail, curing in-between
  4. Grab your next 5 colours: 206 – All Nighter, No.174 – Samba Your Socks Off, No.173 – Ipanema Sunset, No.196 – Free Spirit and No.197, Bohemian Beauty
  5. Using the Synthetic No.4 Flat Brush, paint half of each nail with one of the colours above
  6. Before curing, use a puffer to gently puff down the centre of the nail, blending the colours into each other
  7. Cure the nail and finish off with a strengthening layer and gloss gel

Keep in mind, we’ve specifically matched these colours, so keep to the order we have above to get our recommended look.

Create an entire galaxy on your clients’ fingertips

 Summer festivals provide the perfect opportunity for your clients to try something new. So why not recommend them a look that’s out of this world? No.242 – Neptune is a sparkling, vibrant blend of electric violet and marine blue and once it’s applied, it creates a truly galactic look.


One tip for creating a flawless manicure using this colour is to wipe and refine the cured base layer before you apply the colour. Other than that, it’s a simple three-step process.

  1. Add a layer of base gel onto the nail and cure under a UV lamp
  2. Apply 2 layers of 242 – Neptune, curing after each one
  3. Finally, complete the look with a strengthening layer followed by a gloss gel

Be bright and bold with show-stopping nail art

Combining a classic nude with the bold colours from our Evo Gel collection creates a truly stand-out manicure. By adding fluorescent strokes of violet, pink and blue, you’ll create a truly unique look which will be able to last through any festival and beyond.


Adding a bit of gold foil to the nail and finishing with a gloss gel gives these nails a captivating shimmer both bold and beautiful. Here’s our expert guide so you can give your clients this look.

  1. Start with a base gel layer and cure under a UV lamp
  2. Apply 2 layers of 2094 – Honey Beige making sure to cure after each layer
  3. Using Evo Diana, Evo Rhiannon and Evo Marianna, create random strokes starting from the free edge and going down the nail, making sure to cure after each colour
  4. Using Essence Foil - Harmony, apply small random dots to the nail
  5. To finish, apply a strengthening layer and gloss gel


At RE:NEW, we constantly run training courses to help you improve your skills as a nail technician. So, if you want to develop your skills further and be the best technician you can be, then take a look at our available nail courses across the Bio Sculpture and Evo Gel brands.

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