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How to manage the busiest time of the year

The Christmas rush is a demanding but profitable time for nail technicians, as schedules fill with those looking for gorgeous manicures to complete their outfits for the festive party season. It’s an excellent opportunity to attract new clients and reignite a passion for nails with old clients.

However, with clients trying to fit in last-minute treatments and technicians working to ensure everything runs smoothly, the busiest time of the year can quickly become overwhelming. To help, we’ve compiled a few tips to help remove the stress and allow you to focus on creating gorgeous manicures.

Keep an eye on stock levels

You want to ensure your clients walk away with a manicure they quickly fall in love with, so make sure you keep track of the availability of core products. With a full schedule, you’ll be getting through bottles thick and fast and while there are plenty of colours on offer, running out of products like gel remover or base gel can quickly see your productivity grind to a halt.

Fortunately, at RE:NEW we can help you restock your kit with our next day delivery service. So, if you find yourself running low on must-have colours or treatment essentials, then get your orders in before 1pm for next day delivery. 

If you’re worried your stock won’t last the winter period, or a client needs a specific colour, then take a look at our delivery options.

Create a cancellation policy

It happens at the worst of times, you’re sat waiting for a client to appear, but due to some unforeseen condition, they haven’t been able to make and didn’t think to let you know. Now you’ve got a gap in your schedule which someone in need of a last-minute manicure could have filled.

Clients dropping out at the last-minute costs money and wastes your time. While flexibility can be useful, setting up a cancellation policy for busy periods such as Christmas and New Year, guards your schedule and ensures it remains full.

Whether clients have to give 24 or 48-hours cancellation notice, adding a charge for those who don’t show up will deter them from taking their appointments for granted. You can choose how strict you are but putting something in place gives you time to fill the vacated spot.

Set boundaries to your working day

With clients wanting captivating colours and gorgeous nail art, it can be easy to yes to everyone. Whether it’s friends or family asking you to work a little bit later to squeeze them in, or a client thinking they can secure a last-minute slot, you can quickly find yourself becoming burnt out by long hours.

During the festive period, it’s easy to focus on clients and forget about yourself. Keep track of the simple things such as taking a lunch break and a chance to stretch your legs between appointments.

By sticking to your working hours and appointment times, you can make sure you still have a chance to unwind at the end of the day. We’re all passionate about creating marvellous manicures, so taking care of yourself is crucial to ensuring all clients have a great experience to keep them coming back all year round.




For your clients, Christmas is a time to unwind and spend time with the family, and while you want to give them the best manicures for their plans, you also need to set aside time to celebrate. So, from stock to sticking to your schedule, make sure you’re doing all you can to make the busiest time of year less stressful.

After the festive period, January provides an excellent opportunity to discover what new treatments and Bio Sculpture products you could be offering your clients. Alternatively, you could also brush up on your skills and learn something new with our nail technician training courses.

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