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How to be become a Session Stylist or Celebrity Nail Tech!

 We often get asked what is the best way to become session manicurist or work with celebrities, we checked in with the highly regarded Cherrie Snow to find out how.



  1. What made you want to become a session manicurist?
I used to work as a fashion assistant in the 90s but stopped when my daughter, Arizona was 2 years old. It was too difficult with a baby at the time, as I live outside London, in Essex.
Years later in 2012, I was working at WAH Nails in Topshop, Oxford Street, when I started doing nails on shoots. I suddenly found myself back in the fashion industry, but in a different role as a manicurist, and I loved it! So I decided to pursue it.


  1. How do you choose your agent?
Different agencies will suit different artists so, ultimately, I think you have to go with what works for you personally. You can get a feel for agencies by looking at the other artists they represent and the kind of work they do, whether it’s high fashion editorial, or more commercial. It depends which path you want to take. Assisting will also give you an insight into how certain agencies work.
I think your agent should understand your style of work and where you want to go in your career. For me, I wanted a good balance of high fashion, beauty and cool campaigns. It sounds obvious, but it was also very important for me that my agent was easy to talk to.



  1. What should a manicurist working in a salon at the moment do to become a session manicurist?
Working in a salon is essential for honing skills. However, it is a very different environment to session work, so get experience by assisting on shoots and shows. Arrange your own test shoots and seize opportunities to do editorials – which are mostly unpaid but absolutely vital for building a portfolio and meeting people.


  1. Who’s the most famous person you have treated?
I did Sophie Turner’s nails for the world premiere of Game of Thrones Season 5. Although, at the time, I had no idea who she was because I don’t watch it!


  1. What set of nails are you most proud of?
My minimal nails are definitely the most popular. I created an easy, DIY alternative to the classic half moon that I call the Pearl Moon. It’s just white dots in the form of a half moon, on a natural base. It’s so simple but effective, it’s sort of become my signature set. I like to use Crème for the base and French White for the ‘pearls’.


I also like to create runway fashion nails. I recently hand-painted a collection of Gucci-inspired nail art, which were also well received.



You can find more of Cherrie's work here -

Instagram/Twitter: @cherriesnow

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