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Break the ice with Winter’s hottest trends

Longer nights, colder days and gingerbread lattes can only mean one thing; winter is here. However, while the weather outside is frightful, your clients still want delightful manicures. So, as we put away the pastel and coral colours in favour of moodier, deeper shades, we’ve spoken to our expert technicians to uncover this winter’s biggest trends.

Nights in Rome

The latest collection from Bio Sculpture has proved to be a hit this winter, with the spellbinding collection featuring in salons across the country. Featuring colours such as the heavenly Angelic Statue and the sparkling Starlit Cobblestone, Nights in Rome is the perfect companion to any winters night. 

angelic statue bio sculpture gel nailsStarlit Cobblestone bio sculpture gel nailsantique granite bio sculpture gel nailMauve Regalia bio sculpture gel nailsknight's armour bio sculpture gel nails

Festive Accent Nails

Your clients’ nails are the perfect accessory, so you want to give them a gorgeous accent detail which perfectly complements their winter manicure with a subtle festive twist.

The Festive Nail Art collection features four new showstopping bio gel nail art colours, guaranteed to add an extra layer of glamour to any set of nails.

  • Gold – A shimmering, glamorous gold ready for the party season
  • Frankincense – A deliciously deep red combined adding a glittery spin to a Christmas classic
  • Myrrh – A crisp snowy gel perfect for creating a white Christmas
  • Follow the Star – A shimmery gel perfect for an accent nail bound to make your clients starry-eyed

festive nail art collection bio sculpture

Bubble Nails

One of the latest trends, which is making its way back into nail salons around the country, is the bubble nail. This style of gel manicure gives your clients a unique pattern on each nail and is easily created by adding a combination of hand wash and water to an uncured nail.

To help you recreate this gorgeous trend, one of our technicians have created a helpful guide to get you started.

A galactic bubble look from out of this world

  1. Apply base gel, cure
  2. Apply 2 x layers of 244 - Jupiter, curing between layers
  3. Apply a layer of soft gel, cure
  4. Mix Bio Sculpture hand wash with water to create bubbles
  5. Apply a layer of Evo gloss and, using a gel spatula, apply the bubbles to the wet layer.
  6. Carefully place the hand into the lamp and cure to finish
  7. Once cured, dry the nail using a nail wipe

Galaxy Bubble nail manicure

Marvellous Marble Nails

Marbled nails are once again becoming a gorgeous trend across the country. While they typically feature a sophisticated look made from white, black and grey, the holiday season is allowing technicians to get more creative with their colours.

To help provide a festive twist to the marble style, our technicians have created a guide to help you apply a sparkling candy cane manicure with a twist.

Green marble nail manicure

Add some festive cheer to your nails

  1. Apply base gel, cure
  2. Apply a layer of 30 - Triginta, cure
  3. Apply a second layer of 30 Triginta, leaving it uncured
  4. Using an upper arch brush and 1 – French White, create swirls in the wet gel starting at the free edge then moving down the nail. Cure the layer.
  5. Mix a small amount of soft gel with Silver glow glitter and add in random swirls, cure
  6. Apply a layer of soft gel, cure
  7. Finish with a layer of Evo Gloss

Red festive marble nails manicure



They’re just a few of the best trends we’ve seen throughout winter, and if you’ve tried any of these on your clients or created any new and exciting looks, then we want to see. Share it with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @biosculpturegb or using #biosculpture, and we could feature your work.

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