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Bio Sculpture Technicians Spotlight - Gina King


Introducing Gina King of Bambi Beautiful - Home Salon Owner, Bio Sculpture Technician and one or our Bio Ambassadors for 2018



Why did you decide to start a career in nails? 


I originally trained as a hair and makeup artist and was working with a lot of brides. So many of them asked if I did nails as well so it got me thinking! I love being creative and always used to do a lot of drawing and painting, so offering nails to clients gave me a great opportunity to have a brush in my hand again




What made you choose Bio Sculpture? 


I first found Bio Sculpture because I was looking for a brand that matched mine and my business' ethics. I am vegan and so is the Bio Sculpture Nail Treatments! I also loved that they care about the environment and have made a huge effort to be toxin free. They always keep the nails and clients heath at the core of their products, plus there are so many amazing colours to choose from! I was overwhelmed at first trying to pick out which ones I wanted to start with. Unsurprisingly my love of pretty colours has overtaken and my stockpile is forever growing 



Why does a career as a manicurist suit you more than your previous career?


Being a manicurist and general beautician suits my life perfectly. I get to work from home in my spare room, which has meant I've been able to work flexible hours around my life. Because I work from home I have been able to adopt two beautiful rescue dogs who my clients just adore! I think some of them come just to see the girls haha. I feel like work is often more like a social event, I get to catch up with my beautiful clients over a cuppa and create lovely nail designs all day! I could not ask for a better job and career, I absolutely love what I do and there are so may directions that I can take my business in to keep on growing



What is your favourite Bio Sculpture colour?


I have always been a huge fan of purple, it's one of my business colours too! If I really had to choose I think my favourite colour would be one of the Evo range - Juliette. Purple just goes with everything and suits all kinds of skin tones. Juliette is vibrant and punchy and has been hugely popular with my clients as well this Spring



 What are your top three tips for someone wanting to make a career change and become a manicurist?


My top tip for someone wanting to make a career change to become a manicurist would be to just do it! Of course it's going to be scary, any big change is scary. But that's what life is all about. Do what you love and love what you do. There will always be a period of adjustment but honestly, there is nothing like being your own boss, choosing your own hours and filling your day with something you really care about



I think a huge tip for someone starting out is to practise, practice practice. It's amazing how quickly you can get the hang of it if you do something little every day. Whether that's on family and friends, or plastic nails tips. It all helps you to flourish in your new journey. 
Lastly get as many good photos as you can of everything that you do. Not only is it great when it comes to advertising yourself and shouting about your new career all over social media, it's also a huge confidence boost when you look back at your journey and see how far you have come. You don't always realise the progress you have made until you look back.



How many hours a week do you work?


I am definitely a workaholic so I probably work up to 10 or 11 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. BUT a big chunk of that usually is me in my onesie with a cuppa, and Netflix, working on my website or marketing, editing up photos etc and chatting with potential clients. I just love it, it's a hobby as well as a job so I really do enjoy doing it. Don't get me wrong though - I do enjoy other things! One of the great things about a career in nails is the freedom, so if I have an event or fancy a day out or holiday, I just won't book clients in on those dates. It's all about balance! 



How do you find your clients?


A lot of my clients now come from recommendations, but my sister recently joined too so I have been doing lots of social media marketing to boost her client base quicker. Facebook has been a brilliant source for new clients. We have a page, a group, and a list of subscribers to our blog which are all great ways to gain peoples trust for them to book in with us. It's all about making an impression with great photos and then being likeable, trustworthy and passionate. 



To book an appointment with Gina visit her website or follow her on Facebook @BambiGina and Instagram @bambi_thatvegansalon



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