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4 tips to turn your work into inspiring social photos

Whether you’re a salon owner or a nail technician, winning new customers is all about showing, not telling. You can explain in great detail why your unique styles are better than the competition, but unless you have stunning imagery to back this up, potential clients will struggle to see the proof.

Facebook and Instagram users in particular love getting inspired by the looks you create. Done right, a simple picture of your work could lead new customers straight to you, so read on for our four tips for better social imagery.

We’ll be using Bio Sculpture Gel nails for our examples, but these tips apply to all your beauty work.

Keep things simple

The focal point of many posts is going to be the result of the treatment, so make sure your background is set up to emphasise this. For example, a busy or messy photograph means the audience’s attention will be taken away from the amazing work that you’re promoting.

Keeping the background simple is easily done, you just want to avoid bolder colours. So, if you are including other colours in the photo, then stick to neutral shades. For example, a white marble tabletop can enhance a colourful set of nails and even plain old printer paper creates a pure white background that lets your work stand out.

Make photographs appear natural

Your clients want to see what this treatment will look like on a day-to-day basis, so finding a pose that seems natural will help you add some variety and stand out from the typical Instagram posts.

The Instagram posts you create shouldn’t look forced, this will only add an awkward vibe to the photo. So, make sure the fingers are always relaxed and casual to get the most candid looking poses.

Over summer, we’ve seen this done creatively with flawless manicures photographed holding ice cream cones and strawberries, creating a natural pose and making the colours even more vibrant


Get creative with props

Adding in props can also enhance any photo. For example, holding the nail gel bottle not only shows the result but also showcases the product, so anyone inspired by the specific look can reference the colour they want.

If you want to add a bit more character to your photos, then creating a lifestyle layout can show how luxurious the looks you create are and accentuate the colours on show.


For example, holding a classic summer nude manicure up to a dark coloured bag will show a contrast in colours making your clients’ nails stand out even more. Alternatively, if the client has any jewellery, consider how that will complement their treatment. Items like engagement rings can add extra sparkle, meaning and romance to any photo.


Promote your account

When your clients are in love with their new manicure, they’ll want to share it with everyone they know. Usually, this means posting across their social media channels where their connections will be able to see your finest work.

To capitalise on this, ask them to tag your social accounts on their posts so everyone knows who to credit for the gorgeous work. To make it easier for their audiences to find you, leave comments and likes on the manicure posts, you might even get people replying and asking for their next set of nails.

Finally, we’ll help you promote your work on our Instagram account. We love featuring technicians’ work and designs, so make sure you tag @Biosculpturegelgb and #biosculpturegelgb for a chance to get your posts on our page.



Making sure your work stands out from the crowd is essential when attracting new clients. By following these tips, you can be sure your social imagery will truly inspire anyone looking at your profile.

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