Manicure Gift Pack


Manicure Gift Pack

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The perfect gift pack for fabulous nails. Includes Ethos and Gemini bottles that treat and support the natural nail, leaving your nails healthy, long and strong.

1 x 14ml Ethos OxyCoat - a super nourishing base coat for healthy nails which contains grape botanicals and antioxidants to help stimulate nail growth

1 x 14ml Gemini Nail Polish No.19 Pillar Box Red

1 x 14ml Ethos Almond Oil - to nourish cuticles after manicure

1 x 14ml Ethos Mirror Top Coat - Super Glossy! Mirror Top Coat has a plumping effect to increase the vibrancy of colour. It is scratch resistant and has a gloss mirror-like shine!

Ethos and Gemini follow Bio Sculpture's ethical approach, containing no animal products and not tested on animals