Dark Spot Serum - 10ml


Dark Spot Serum - 10ml

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The Elim MediHand Dark Spot Serum is formulated for targeted treatment of age spots and pigmentation on the hands.

- Active retinol normalises the skins melanin production, reverses UV damage and stimulates cell turnover.

- Brightenyl is a potent antioxidant which has been proven to be 4X more effective than Vitamin C. After 28 days you will see a 7% reduction in dark sports and a 31% decrease in melanin content after just 10 days. 

- Working on a cellular level Niacinamide treats uneven skin tone and blemishes whilst increasing hydration and softening fine lines.

- A combination of Vitamins C,E and B3 work together as powerful anti-oxidants to improve skin renewal, brighten skin, regulate melanin production and stimulate collagen thereby improving skin tone drastically for healthy and younger-looking hands.