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Stop Your Gel Manicures From Chipping - Make Your Gels Last

Our nails are unique. From lifestyle to genetics to environment, there are so many factors that go into your individual nail type. So why has the majority of the nail industry adopted a ‘one size fits all’ approach to nail care? 

Take a look at skin care for example; would you recommend the top rated serum for dry skin to someone with an oily complexion? This could produce some undesirable results and, similarly, prescribing someone with the wrong nail products could result in chipping. 

So, how do we stop gel manicures from chipping, and ensure a long lasting gel overlay?

It’s all about the base! Specifically your Ethos, Bio Sculpture or Evo base. 

Step One: Select and apply your ETHOS base treatment based on your client’s nail type and condition. It is important to keep the nails in good condition as a healthy nail is much less prone to breaks, chipping or lifting. 

  • If your client has flexible nails, we recommend using Volcanic Base to increase strength
  • For brittle nails, Seaweed Calcium Base will reduce breaking
  • Distressed nails will benefit from an application of Lavender Base due to its reparative properties
  • And normal, healthy nails can be kept in great condition with the help of Vitamin Dose


Step Two: Identify and apply the perfect Bio Sculpture or Evo treatment gel for your client’s nail type. Providing the correct amount of support to the nail is essential in maintaining a long-lasting gel manicure. 

  • For flexible nails, you can choose between Bio Sculpture Soft Gel or Evo Flex Gel
  • For normal nails, use either Bio Sculpture Base Gel or Evo Oxygenating Base
  • For strong nails, we recommend Evo Contour Gel or Bio Sculpture Apex Gel. Please note that Apex Gel can only be used for strengthening and lengthening, not as a base gel
  • If your client has very distressed nails, we recommend you use Conditioning Gel until the nails have been restored to a healthy condition


Step Three: Provide your client with home care tips and recommendations to maintain their gel manicure. For example

  • Wear gloves when cleaning or gardening
  • Avoid soaking the hands for long periods of time in baths or swimming pools
  • Use cuticle oil daily to keep the surrounding skin moisturised


To help you remember these steps we’ve put together a quick and easy guide below. But, whether you're a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, our comprehensive online and in-person training can offer a more in-depth look at our prescriptive gel manicure system.


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