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Make your clients’ holiday nails last all summer with Bio Sculpture

A flawless manicure is as important to your clients’ holiday prep as digging out their passport, so keeping both intact for the return journey is essential. We’ve already touched upon this year’s hottest holiday nail trends, but ensuring they last is just as important as making them look their best in the first place.

Whether it’s a week on the beach or some time exploring a new city, the gel manicure you apply will be put through a lot. So, we’ve gathered some product advice to help you keep your clients’ nails strong and healthy all summer long.

Prevent chips with the Bio Sculpture range

The Bio Sculpture range of gel nails is built to endure and typically last for over three weeks. This means that whether your client is the active sort or more likely to be found on a lounger, they can rely on their nails to stay intact with no peeling, chipping or cracking—even after they’ve crammed everything into a suitcase.

The Bio Sculpture range helps keep natural nails protected and strong, even after they’ve been softened by water. So, not only will your gorgeous holiday nails look stunning while you’re away, but the natural nail will remain healthy too.

Bio Sculpture’s latest summer collection ‘On The Reef’ is available now and include gorgeous colours such as No. 246 – Island Surf, No. 247 – Mermaid’s Tale, and No. 248 – Tropical Sunray. The warm and vibrant collection is perfect for any clients seeking sun and adventure.



No.246 - Island SurfNo.248 - Tropical SunrayNo.247 - Mermaids Tale

Improve nail health and durability with the Ethos Treatment range

For those clients who want to keep their nails in the best condition, Bio Sculpture is the only gel company to release products that treat and improve the natural nail by nourishing it with a medley of vitamins.

While Bio Gel can last for over 3 weeks, Ethos Nail Treatment collection complements this by ensuring the health of the natural nail and cuticle are always at their best.

The Ethos range helps protect nails from damage caused by chlorine, seawater or exposure to the sun. At RE:NEW, we recommend using Vitamin Dose and Ethos Almond Oil when preparing your clients for a new set of stunning holiday nails.



The Ethos Vitamin Dose combines Ginseng Root and other B-vitamins to help rejuvenate, moisturise and nourish nailbed cells, ensuring your clients’ nails are strong and healthy after every manicure

How to Apply: Simply place a small amount of Vitamin Dose onto a nail wipe and dab the prepared nail before continuing with the gel application.

Ethos Vitamin Dose

By adding Ethos Almond Oil to your clients’ manicure, you’re improving the health of their natural nail by nourishing it and the cuticles with Vitamin E. This new, improved formula also re-hydrates their skin, making sure their fingers look and feel their best

How to Apply: Once you’ve completed a gel manicure, apply the Ethos Almond Oil to dry cuticles and massage into the surrounding area. During the removal process, pop a drop on top of a buffed nail before applying the Gel Remover and foil.

Ethos Almond Oil


While you can rely on Bio Sculpture’s gel nails to go the distance, you want to make sure that your clients’ nails remain healthy and look amazing for the entirety of their holiday and beyond. So, by treating your clients with the Bio Sculpture Ethos range, you can help them return from holiday with healthier nails that look as good as they did on day one.

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