Bio Sculpture Technicians Spotlight - Julie West (Aka The Nail Fairy)

"If your nails are not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me" - Julie West


Julie West aka 'The Nail Fairy' has been a Bio Sculpture Technician for 16 years. Julie owns her own salon - The Nail Fairy Beauty Box, and is one or our Bio Ambassadors for 2018.



One of Julie's clients is Zara McDermott who wore No.184 Classic Jaquard for her time as a contestant on ITV's Love Island. (Zara and Julie pictured below)



Bio GB managed to chat with Julie, amongst her busy salon schedule, to tell us a bit more about her journey with Bio Sculpture and give us some expert tips.



Why did you decide to start a career in nails?
I sort of fell into in by accident !! I went to a local nail salon in East London when I was 20 years old (I’m 45 soon) to get fibreglass nail extensions, and I fell in love with them. So after becoming a regular client my nail lady/salon owner Sam said that I had the personality to be a great nail tech and could she train me, anyway apparently I was a ‘natural’ and she offered me a Saturday Job, the rest is history.



What made you choose Bio Sculpture, and why does a career as a manicurist suit you more than your previous career?
I was introduced to Bio Sculpture by Naomi from Bio Sculpture London whilst I was an Area Manager for a large branded nail bar company. After having my second daughter, I realised the Area Manager role was impacting greatly on my family and home life.
Through the support of my husband, he encouraged me to set up ‘The Nail Fairy’ and together we decided that we needed a high end product.
Bio Sculpture was exactly what I was looking for as it’s not in every salon, it’s an amazing product with amazing results. I also didn’t just want to be another ‘Nail Tech’ so without this product I don’t think I would have been as successful as I am today.
It’s a specialist product which takes time to master and the flexibility of the training courses has enabled me to produce top results which in turn keeps my clients from going elsewhere.



What’s your favourite Bio Sculpture colour?
There’s too many to choose from!! But on myself it has to be ‘Real Red No.74’.



What are your 3 top tips for someone wanting to make a career change and become a manicurist?
Simply this: 
Remember this is an exclusive product!! You have to believe in it and once you master it you’ll never use anything else.
The results are amazing but more importantly your customers will see it too.
Bio Sculpture is only as good as the nail technician applying it and the nail technician is only as good as the nails she works with. So perfect your work!!



How many hours do you work a week?
I’m fully booked 6 days per week, so probably about 60 hours.



How do you find your clients?
My clients now find me, but initially I started with friends and school mums at my daughters school, it was very hard to crack at first, but once a few of them gave me a chance word started spreading around. I then set up my Facebook account so people could friend request me and I could showcase my work. Eventually, I just got recommendation after recommendation, I now use Facebook groups and Instagram.


To book an appointment with Julie visit her Facebook page @Julienailfairy37 and Instagram @julienailfairywest


For more of Julie's story and to be inspired further, watch her Bio Ambassador video below


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