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Bio Sculpture Launches It's Concierge Service

 As a skilled manicurist, Bio Sculpture's Concierge Service provides you with an opportunity to connect with new clients and transform their nail care. Through this exclusive service, clients can effortlessly reach out to you for their manicure needs by simply sending a WhatsApp message to 07457411034. With Bio Sculpture's Concierge Service, you can showcase your expertise and offer personalised nail care treatments directly to new clients. So, look out for a call from our Concierge team on 07457411034.

How It Works

Client Outreach: A client initiates the process by reaching out to our WhatsApp number, 07457411034, expressing their interest in booking a manicure appointment.

System Search: Upon receiving the client's message, we promptly search our system to find a skilled manicurist available to accommodate the client's request.

Manicurist Confirmation: Once a suitable manicurist is identified, we reach out to them to inquire about their availability and willingness to take on the new client. So look out for a call from 07457411034.

Client Connection: Upon receiving confirmation from the manicurist that they are open to new clients, we connect the manicurist directly with the client to facilitate the booking process. The manicurist can then follow their usual booking procedures to schedule the appointment at a mutually convenient time and location.

Booking Process: The manicurist and the client proceed with the booking as they normally would, finalizing details such as the specific services requested, appointment time, and any other pertinent information.

Liability Disclaimer: It's important to note that while we facilitate the connection between clients and manicurists, we hold no liability for any issues that may arise, such as clients not showing up for their appointments. Our role is to streamline the booking process and facilitate a seamless experience for both clients and manicurists.


By leveraging the Bio Sculpture Concierge Service, clients can enjoy the convenience of easily booking personalised manicure services, while skilled manicurists have the opportunity to expand their clientele and provide exceptional nail care experiences.

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