Tapered Metal Comb


Tapered Metal Comb

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An essential to all our treatments. At the end of your application, add a few slow strokes of this amazing little comb to guide the extensions into their natural resting place.

When the client opens their eyes, they will be perfectly placed. It’s also brilliant at detecting any issues with the application prior to finishing: If the comb can’t glide seamlessly through the eyelashes it signals an issue that needs to be corrected e.g sticky. Simply remove the comb and correct! You clients will thank you for it. 

  • Tapered metal teeth that easily glide between the eyelash extensions 
  • Spaced to accommodate extension width of up to 0.18 
  • Easy to fold, store and clean 
  • Jet black & powder pink colours


Product Notes

- Professional Use only: Never give to the client to use.

- Use only whilst the client's eyes are closed and the skin is still protected by either tapes or gel pads.

- The comb teeth are sharp and it should never be used on open eyes.