MediHeel Callus Wipes


MediHeel Callus Wipes

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The keratolytic alkaline solution in the wipe breaks up protein bonds on the corneum stratum, making it easy to scrape off dead skin cells after a 10 minute application.

These handy wipes eliminate the need for cotton pads during your Elim pedicure. Each ready to go pack contains 4 wipes. They will cover very  large feet or if you have two pedicures (one after the other) with smaller size feet (5 and below) you can store 2 of the wipes in a sealed box and use them on your next client (please note they would need to be used within a few hours of being opened and stored in a sealed box, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness). 

After the removal of the wipe it is important that you use the Elim Neutralizer to rebalance the skin and stop the Tonic Wipe from continuing to work. 

The active ingredient in the wipe is Sodium Hydroxide.

This treatment is completely safe and will not be absorbed by the bloodstream.
MediHeel Tonic replaces the file and the blade.
Leaving feet renewed with soft callus-free heels