Japanese Collection Tweezer

Japanese Collection Tweezer

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Our featherlight Japanese Collection Tweezer can bring its many benefits to all techniques! Handcrafted in Japan in premium materials to deliver a superior result.

The design is engineered to ensure the artists keeps their hands soft and tension free. The tweezer responds to the slightest touch and using too much hand pressure will hinder its performance. Heavy-handed artists may prefer our Japanese Feathering tweezer for collecting and applying individual eyelash extensions.

  • Smooth matte finish 
  • Fine cut tips: the collection point is 3mm in from the tip
  • Responds to minimal pressure for comfort and precision
  • Suited to both collection and isolation
  • 140mm length
  • 12g (Extremely lightweight) 
  • Presented in a Moka & Sarah drawstring pouch

Product Notes

The tweezer is designed to collect the extension a few millimetres in from the tip - as shown in the second image. This is the 'sweet spot' for a perfect application!