Eyebrow Cream Cinnamon Refill

Eyebrow Cream Cinnamon Refill

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Pigment-rich Eyebrow Creams glide on smoothly to create fine hair strokes. These blendable, smudge-proof creams are available in four versatile shades. The unique formula fits into MUD’s refillable 1” eye compact, Universal Palette, or any MUD palette that contains a well for eye products. 

Pair with #220 Brush for precise fine lines.



Colour Theory:

A muted medium auburn eyebrow cream
Ideal for filling in strawberry blonde to auburn brows.
Can be added to shades to warm them up.
Quick Study:

Long lasting
Designed to fill in brows naturally
May be used as an eyeliner
Same size pan as eye colours and cake eyeliners
Won’t dry out if exposed to air