Brush #310 Lip


Brush #310 Lip

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Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise lip line.

* For smaller, portable version choose #310s.

Here are a few tips to help care for your brushes:

- To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner.
- While cleaning brushes, only dip the bristles in the cleaner and wipe off the product with a tissue.
- To prevent the glue under the ferrule from loosening, do not let the brush cleaner go beyond the bristles or set the brushes in the cleaner for a long period of time. Shape bristles back to the original form and lay flat to dry.
- To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the skin rather than pushing bristles directly onto the skin when applying product.

Quick Study: Flat base and tapered, non-fray brush bristles are ideal for creating a precise lip line.
Use to apply MUD Sheer or Satin Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Glaze, or Colour Creme on the lips.
May also be used to apply MUD Corrector around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Additional description: Brush bristles are made of 100% Natural Hair.