Located to the southwest of London, our RE:NEW Aldershot training office gives you the courses you need to become a fully-qualified Bio Sculpture, Evo Gel or Elim technician.

With beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available, you can pick a course which represents your experience as a technician. No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive world-renowned training that enables you to take full advantage of the Bio Sculpture, Evo Gel or Elim collections.

Whether you’re starting with manicure training, diving straight into the BioGel application or expanding into offering pedicures, our modules ensure you have all the knowledge and experience you need. From best practices to the application of a flawless set of gel nails, to super soft heels with our MediHeel range, our courses are designed to help you excel.

Due to the premium nature of Bio Sculpture and Elim products, they’re only available to those who have passed our courses. So, once you’ve completed your training, we’ll present you with a certificate accredited by BABTAC.

Alongside this, we’ll continue to support you throughout your career with extra training courses and access to our industry-leading educators. Finally, we set up your RE:NEW account so you can take advantage of all the latest collections and exclusive offers.

At RE:NEW, we understand that training is the key to success. So, if you want to take advantage of our industry-leading training based on 30 years of experience, then take a look at the available nail gel and pedicure courses taking place in our Aldershot training centre.