Mud Training Overview

Become a professional make-up artist with MUD

At Make-up Designory (MUD), creating honest make-up products and providing quality education has been our passion for the past two decades. We plan to stay loyal to that tradition. That’s what makes us different from other make-up brands.

A full spectrum of Mud Make-up artist TRAINING courses for you

Perfect for new or experienced make-up artists

  • Beauty Essentials

    £3540 (inc £1900 of product)

    An introduction to professional make-up with emphasis on the techniques required in this multifaceted industry. You will learn analysis, base matchin ...

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  • Bridal Make-Up

    £1320 (inc £500 of product)

    With a focus on the lucrative world of weddings, the Bridal Make-up Artistry Course takes the student from consultation to the creation of a bride’s ...

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  • High Fashion Trends

    £1440 (inc £480 of product)

    A course designed to let you work as an MUA at photoshoots. You will have a hands-on approach where you will practice and simulate real photo shoots. ...

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  • Make-Up Artistry Program

    £4,800 (inc £2,400 of product)

    Our full Professional Make-Up Artistry Program comprises our Beauty Essentials, Bridal and High Fashion Courses modules and will equip you with the c ...

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  • Studio Make-up Artistry

    £1440 (inc £500 of product)

    This course provides students with an introduction to the world of film and television production, and the make-up techniques required for today’s de ...

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  • Special Make-up effects

    £3,360 (inc £2,000 of product)

    This course focuses on character development, with an emphasis on the fundamental elements of prosthetic application and special make-up effects.

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  • Airbrush

    £1440 (inc £650 of product)

    Airbrushing has become one of the premier methods of applying make-up. In this course, we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly maintain and c ...

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  • Portfolio Development

    £2,700 (inc £535 of product)

    This high-paced course pushes students to their creative limits by recreating the real-world environments in which they will be working. Students are ...

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  • 2-Day Course for Beauticians

    750 (inc £450 of product)

    Boost your marketability by adding make-up services to your business and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers

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Benefits of the Mud training include:

  • MUD Pro Card for 30% discount for all MUD products
  • Tutoring and individual support even after completion of the course
  • International certificate issued by MUD US head office
  • Student Kits sponsored by MUD Cosmetics
  • Practical Exams

What’s included in a typical Mud course?

Require all the skills you need to become a fully qualified make-up artist via our expert training courses.

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  • Learn the techniques of the pros

    Focus on the techniques that you need in this highly diverse sector.

  • Gain practical experience

    Participate in promising internships

  • Build on existing skills

    Enrich your make-up skills and bring them to a higher level

  • Get creative

    Develop your skills and begin your career as a professional make-up artist

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  • Mud complete beginner

    You may not have any prior knowledge of being a make-up artist. Don’t worry, our friendly make-up training course will help get you strated.

  • Experienced make-up artists

    We know that you are already an expert in your field. However, you may simply require access to an additional training course in MUD make-up.

  • TIMES & Locations

    There are plenty of make-up training courses in Hemel Hempstead at various times.

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