What's involved?

A course designed to let you work as an MUA at photoshoots. You will have a hands-on approach where you will practice and simulate real photo shoots. During this training you will get to show your creativity and develop your attention to detail. 

Print unit: Attention to detail

The first part of this training and is designed to give you a better understanding of make-up in print and advertising. Make-up during photography is seen as a snapshot. Art directors and beauty editors often use photo retouching and although it seems retouching is a solution for many things, it is your job as a make-up artist to keep that to a minimum. Therefore, your job is extremely important. You should always aim to attain perfect make-up, so there is little or nothing to change in the picture.

Fashion unit: Creative make-up

Fashion unit is one of the most creative units, and allows you as a make-up artist to really be creative with your make-up designs. You will create visually stunning make-up.

Pre-requisites: Beauty Essentials training

Included in the course price:

  • Student Kit (sponsored by MUD Cosmetics worth £480)
  • Practical exam
  • International certificate issued by MUD US head office
  • MUD Pro Card for 30% discount for all MUD products
  • Tutoring and individual support even after completion of the course

Part of Professional Make-Up Artistry Program

Upon completion of the course all students will receive 30% off all MUD products going forward. Please call 03333 111 553 to book training