Moka & Sarah Japanese Feathering +

This course is for artists who have previously trained with Moka & Sarah

If you are new to Moka & Sarah please see our Japanese Feathering Conversion

Course Highlights

  • Learn the award winning Japanese Feathering technique
  • Gain new design and increased retention skills
  • Master our Japanese Volume technique
  • Combine the techniques for beautiful results

What will I receive?

  • Moka & Sarah products RRP £130.00
  • Moka & Sarah Members benefits including a lifetime guarantee on tuition, personnel mentoring and exclusive offers.
  • A certificate upon passing your case studies qualifying you in the Japanese Feathering Treatment.
  • On going skill development video access in 4K HD

Course Overview

Advance your treatments with our premium Japanese Feathering technique for creating stunning designs that last for up to 8 weeks.  Our delicate Moka & Sarah ™ eyelash extensions, designed exclusively for the application, are crafted to appear as one with feathered tips. The course is inclusive of our Japanese volume technique to craft multiple extensions on a single eyelash with our signature sculpting application, the result is long-lasting, delicate fan that is flawless every single time. 

Combine these techniques to create beautiful, feather-soft designs that can be as natural or dramatic as you choose.