Evo & Bio Gel Kit Online Training - £570 inc. VAT


Evo & Bio Gel Kit Online Training - £570 inc. VAT

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Included in the cost:

  • One Day Bio Gel Online Training
  • One Day Evo Gel Online Training
  • Assessment

Bio/Evo Kit includes: Ultra Curing Unit, 4.5g Bio Gel Base, 4.5g Bio Gel Soft, 4.5g Bio Gel Conditioning, 4.5g Bio Gel Apex, 4.5g Bio Gel No.1 - French White, 4.5g Bio Gel No.19 - Pillar Box Red, 4.5g No.122 - Ashes Of Roses, 14ml Evo Oxygenating Base & Build, 14ml Evo Flex Base, 14ml Evo Contour Base & Build, 12ml Evo Gloss Top Coat, 12 ml Scarlett Colour, 14ml Ethos Volcanic Base, 14ml Ethos Cuticle Remover, 14ml Ethos Almond Oil, 14ml Ethos Seaweed Calcium Base, 14ml Ethos Lavender Base, 14ml Ethos Vitamin dose, 125ml Multi Cleanse, 125ml Gel Remover, Black Teardrop File - 100/180 grit (1 file), Bright Pink Sponge Buff - 180/220 grit (2 files), Fine/Medium Sponge Buff - 100/180 grit (2 files), Small Black Files 150/220 grit - (5 files), Premium Synthetic No.6 Round Brush, Premium Synthetic Upper Arch Brush, Gel Spatula - Stainless Steel, Deluxe Metal Tool, Gel Removal Tool, Nail Brush, Silk (2 strips), Nail Wipes (90 wipes), Cotton Squares (30 squares), Foil Strips (x 10), Bio Desk Display Box, Evo Desk display Box, Ethos Desk Display Box, Re:New Cotton Bag, Bio Gel Technician’s Manual, Evo Gel Technician’s Manual

*Delivery of kit will occur once qualifications confirmed. The courier will text & email with an estimated hour timeslot on the day of delivery

Once you have purchased this kit a member of our team will be in touch with your online training login.

*Prices for training are for UK mainland. For Jersey, please contact the office on 03333 111 555