Moka and Sarah Training

It’s official...

Moka and Sarah have launched their premium Japanese eyelash extensions and tuition courses, and what a launch it’s been! These weightless, naturally beautiful lashes are proving to be a hit with many lash technicians and clients alike, however it’s Moka’s carefully honed skills and expert tutelage that seem to be causing a stir:

The Moka and Sarah course provides you with all the tools, knowledge and techniques needed to deliver a truly premium treatment for your client. 

Hailed the ‘Lash Queens’ of the UK, Moka and Sarah take the title of lash artist very seriously, and their incredibly in-depth and bespoke tuition strives to bring the gorgeous designs and signature techniques of Japanese Feathering to your salon.

Not only do Moka and Sarah provide you with in-person expert training, but you’ll also have access to video tutorials covering the whole process from start to finish, up close and personal footage of perfect individual lash application, as well as examples of common mistakes and how to correct them.

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