Lifetime Training Guarantee

It's time we invested in you! We know that training can be expensive and time-consuming. It can be frustrating when a brand brings out new products or techniques and you feel out of the loop. Therefore, we have taken the decision to offer a lifetime guarantee on all training courses at Re:New Beauty. This will ensure you are constantly up to date with the latest application methods and products. Did you know that Bio Sculpture and Evo Gel are the only UK nail brands that won't supply products to their customers unless they have completed our training?


If you have trained with us before and would like to retrain with us, with our compliments, simply email stating if would like to enrol on the online or in-person training course and for which system. Please pick the format which suits your learning style, lifestyle, and personal commitments. We understand that these may have changed since you first trained with us. That is why we are offering you the flexibility to choose how you would like to retrain and refresh your skills. 


Just in case you missed it please check out our updated base application video below.