How to create flawless bridal make-up that looks perfect on camera

Your clients’ wedding make-up gets put through a lot. So much happens throughout the big event and it’s important the bridal make-up you apply can survive the day.

To help you create a flawless bridal look that’s perfect for the cameras, we teamed up with award-winning make-up artist Lillie Lindh to get her tips on creating a gorgeous look that can go the distance.

Use flash-friendly products

It happens to the best of us, from Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet to those on a night out with the girls. We take what we believe to be an Instagram-worthy photo only for harsh white marks to appear and ruin the photo by giving you a ghostly visage.

Wedding photos capture some of the most important and magical moments of your life, so we asked Lillie what needs to be done to avoid make-up flashback.

When applying bridal make-up, artists need to make sure they consider their powders carefully. HD powders and silica-based setting powders as they sit on top of the skin. So, if not used sparingly they can reflect the light and show up on the photos.

Flawless wedding makeup

Also, if the wedding day is taking place in the summer or on a sunny day, make sure you choose any sun protection carefully. Physical sunblock also sits on top of the skin and reflects the light, so any flashes from cameras will bounce back.

Instead, try to use chemical sunscreens as these are absorbed by the skin and in-turn absorb the light. This means the skin remains protected from sun damage, but the light from any camera flashes isn’t reflected. 

Create a look that can last all-day

Making sure make-up lasts all day is essential, but a wedding is an emotional day for everyone, and tears of joy are sometimes unavoidable during the ceremony and speeches.

Lillie says the key to making sure the gorgeous look lasts all day lies in the application. Starting with the preparation of the skin, make sure it’s well-hydrated so it doesn’t absorb the make-up as much allowing it to stay put and not sink into the skin.

A good primer is also an essential part of any bridal make-up kit to keep the skin hydrated and creating a barrier between the skin and make-up. Once the make-up has been applied, making sure it is well powdered will keep it in place throughout the day.

However, if you do use a powder, try to avoid HD or silica-based products to avoid the previously mentioned flashback issue and if you’re working with oilier skin, then a loose powder will usually work best.

Heavier isn’t always better

When it comes to wedding photos, it’s not uncommon to hear that heavier make-up is better. However, Lillie says that this is a misconception within the industry.

Make-up doesn’t need to be heavy to be flawless
- Lillie Lindh

If make-up is applied heavily, then it will still look heavy in the wedding photos. So, with professional application, good foundation suitable for the client’s skin type and concealer where it is needed, you will create a gorgeous, natural and lighter look perfect for the cameras.

Flawless wedding makeup

Keep a stash in case any touch-ups are needed

When applying bridal make-up, waterproof mascara is a must and while you can use waterproof make-up for the rest, it’s not completely necessary.

Lillie’s advice to brides celebrating their big day is to keep some powder, concealer and lipstick with a bridesmaid. So, if she does need any touch-ups during the day her bridal party can be there to help.

Whether it’s a hot day or the bride has shed a few tears of joy, the bridal make-up will be put through a real test. But with waterproof mascara, a handy stash and a little help from her friends, the gorgeous look will last all day and night.

Flawless wedding makeup foundation

Listen to what the bride wants

Creating flawless make-up is very subjective, so the final piece of advice from Lillie is to listen to what the bride wants. It’s too easy for a make-up artist to try and put their spin on a look, but it’s their big day and that’s what matters most.

So, if they want natural make-up then apply it like that, don’t try and create a heavier version. If you don’t necessarily agree with something, get them to trial your recommendations, that’s what the process is for.

However, if they ultimately want to go with a bright pink lipstick, then you’ve got to listen to what they want and do the best job you can within their guidelines.


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Lillie Lindh is a London-based make-up artist who trained in New York City. Her amazing work has been featured in Grazia, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar online with some of her clients including John Lewis, Paul Smith and Blake LDN. To find out more about the Lillie and the show-stopping work she produces, take a look at her website or find her on Instagram @lillielindh