Meet Our Bio Sculpture Ambassadors For 2018

This year we launched our Bio Sculpture Ambassador Programme. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries we received to be a part of the Ambassador team. It was not easy to narrow down the applicants, but finally, we managed to pick our top eleven (yep, it should have been ten, but they were just too good). Our Bio Sculpture Ambassadors vary in experience and are there to support you and to help Bio Sculpture. Over the course of the year you will be hearing more from them. Meet our 11 lovely ambassadors below. Make sure you click on each image to see their website or Facebook page.



"I’m excited to be a Bio Sculpture ambassador working with the best nail product around and hopefully meet some other awesome technicians."



"I am proud to be chosen as a Bio Sculpture Ambassador representing the Channel Islands because high quality partners are the key to success, Bio Sculpture recognise this through being an Ambassador"



"Thanks to Bio Sculpture, I have a successful business that has served me extremely well for the last 11 years. Becoming an Ambassador for the brand is really the icing on the cake for me. Not only is it a huge compliment but it also offers me the opportunity to give something back to Bio in the form of ‘back to the floor’ feedback."



"I'm absolutely delighted to have been chosen as an ambassador for 2018 because it provides such an amazing opportunity to work closely with the market leading Bio Sculpture brand to look at new and inspiring ways to increase my business."



"I'm excited to be working more closely with a company that is just as passionate as me about offering kind, but also top quality, services and products. #teamvegan"




"aka ‘The Nail Fairy’ I have been specialising in Bio Sculpture Gel for 16 years, for me bio is the ‘Rolls Royce of Gel Polishes’ and I wouldn’t use anything else. 
Working with Bio Sculpture, and to be recognised for my work, it gives me great pleasure to be nominated as an ‘Ambassador’. 
This is an exciting new role which will hopefully give all Bio Sculpture technicians and clients a voice. To say how we really feel about this amazing product and putting across our ideas that we want as technicians and what our customers want, for example, colours, branding, social media, supporting/helping new Bio technicians, etc..
I hope I do well in my new role, continue my journey as ‘The Nail Fairy’ and inspire new and old technicians along the way. 
It’s a great honour to be working with you Bio Sculpture GB 💗💅🏻"



"I am so excited to have been chosen to be an Ambassador for Bio Sculpture. The high quality products are all excellent and I would love the opportunity to help promote them. I am looking forward to being able to help showcase new products, tips and ideas to other nail technicians."



"Bio Sculpture enables me to be creative and innovative. I’m delighted to work with a product I love and believe in."



"I’m beyond excited to have been chosen to be an ambassador for Bio Sculpture in 2018, as I have been using these amazing products for over 13 years, I love the colour range, the perfect finish and the long lasting results that ensure clients keep returning to my salon."



"Beautiful nails make the world a brighter place; I am proud to become and Ambassador for Bio Sculpture and share my journey as well as engaging further with the wonderful world that is Bio Sculpture"



"It is incredibly exciting to become an ambassador for a brand I love! I’ve been working with Bio Sculpture Gel for nearly 5 years now and had Bio on my own nails for 8... it is an incredible product and one I support wholeheartedly, so it is an honour to be so well supported back and made an ambassador. I’m excited to do my bit in 2018 for Bio and help in some small way the brand to grow even bigger than it already is."